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The Good Neighbour Fund is a registered non-profit charitable organization that provides limited assistance to those individuals/families requiring support in exceptional cases not covered by other funding. From time to time there are individuals who need a little extra help not provided by the existing resources in our community. We provide "one time" financial support to fund a wide-range of needs that are otherwise impossible to fund. These may include a month's rent for families fleeing abusive relationships, or a specialized wheelchair, or expensive baby formula, or orthotics, just to name a few things. The fund works closely with social agencies in the region to ensure our funds are being used to provide a high social return on investment.

The CFRN Good Neighbour Fund Society was established in 1992 by Bruce Hogle and CFRN TV. The Good Neighbour Fund serves the Greater Edmonton Area within a 100 kilometre radius of Edmonton.

The Good Neighbour Fund is very unique and provides a service that is otherwise non-existent. We provide FINANCIAL help and there is no set list of items or service that the Good Neighbour Fund provides. In the past, the Fund has provided for the deaf and blind, provided wheelchairs, ... Read More

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