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The mission of the Barrhead Library Board is to connect the community to library resources, to encourage discovery of information and to inspire exploration of knowledge and the world we live in. ~Barrhead Public Library Missions Statement 2015

The Mission of the Library
Our missions are simple; Education, Learning, Reading, Fun, and Community Camaraderie! The ever growing town of Barrhead is only rivaled to the ever growing Library. With new technologies such as the Yellowhead Regional Library Network or e-Resources for digital books, magazines, and texts from all over the world, we give our patrons access to an endless knowledge base. So what do we do with all this information?

We offer many programs for young and ... Read More

How Donations Work
Click any 'Donate Now' button and then decide your donation amount. You will then be forwarded to your payment processor of choice. Once your donation has been processed it will be sent to your charity of choice.

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