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CALGARY, Alberta

The Rocky Mountain Eagle Research Foundation is a non-profit organization, registered in the Province of Alberta, with Canadian charitable status. The Foundation is dedicated to the study of migrant and resident eagles and other birds of prey in the mountains of Western Canada. In addition to its scientific work, the Foundation is committed to educating people about birds of prey. This will help protect birds and their prey foods and habitats for the future. Our mission is to increase knowledge of Golden Eagle, Bald Eagle and other raptor migrations in Western Canada.

For Migration:
Record, each year, the daily passage of Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles and other raptors during their spring and fall migrations along the Rocky Mountains of Canada.
Build up the principal and assistant observer resources at our observation sites.
Develop new migration observation sites and encourage new observation groups.
Learn from data collected by organizations applying telemetry tracking devices and develop good communication with those ... Read More

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