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VISION: Inspiring People to Reach Beyond Arch Enterprises is a dynamic organization. We inspire growth and value shared learning. Our innovative spirit creates programs that inspire hope and solutions. We partner with community members to empower and sustain positive outcomes and relationships. We value the people we support and treat everyone with dignity and respect. Staff recognizes the uniqueness of each client and adapts services to accentuate the gifts and capacities. We collaborate with community members to build community capacity. We are creative and strive for positive solutions with those we serve, our Funders and community. We value and support the networks and relations that sustain and promote social connections. Our entrepreneuial spirit ensures good value, efficiency and effective services delivery.

Provide vocational rehabilitation programs for adults with development disabilities providing the following:
Employment preparation & placement support to increase skills & ability to maintain employment. Community access to aid the process of integration into a productive role in the community.

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